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The main differences between and
Discover the differences and choose the ideal one for you

When you decide to enter the world of blogs, there are always questions like: Which platform to choose? Which is best for me? When doing these searches appear another question: What is the difference between and

Today I will explain the main differences between and and help you choose which one is the best option for you. Ready? So let’s go!

You will need a domain and hosting.  Then you will have to install the WordPress and configure it on your hosting.

Security and maintenance are your responsibility as well as backups.

You choose if want to monetize your site to earn some extra money.

There are hundreds of ready-made themes on servers and you can install yourself with just one click on your dashboard without leaving your site. Incredible, huh? But often requires budget with developers.

With, self-hosted, you have endless options. You can create a blog or an online store. You can develop an online magazine or institutional website. You choose.

With you have more freedom. You have full control about everything.

You do not need a domain and hosting because your site will be hosted on their servers.  You just need to create an account and start writing.

Your domain, ie the address of your blog, will be something like, this looks less professional but if you just want to start blogging about something personal, for example, is a good option.

You can only use ready-made themes that are hosted in the official collection and the themes are too limited to customize them. Oh, and you can not install plugins.

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When opting for this platform you should keep in mind that resources are limited as well as the amount of visits your blog can receive per month.

Features like security and maintenance are done automatically and at no cost. have paid plans and no Google Analytics.

In addition to limitations such as space and visits, you will have to be forced to live with ADS. Yeah, they will display their ADS on your blog and you will have no control over them!

Both allow

Choose a theme in the WordPress collection.

Add widgets.

Add blog posts.

Allow comments on your posts.

How to choose which one to use

If you need a large space and a custom theme to your blog or bussiness.

If you want sell somenthing you can use as a ecommerce.

If you want freedom and full control about anything.

If you are on a tight budget but need a blog anyway.

You want to try and know how WordPress works.

If you do not need or do not want a domain of your own.

If you just want start blogging about your personal life.

I hope the tips help you choose for your need. If you are in need of a developer in WordPress please contact me. I will love to develop a project with you. Remembering that War Four One Seven only develop for and not 😉

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