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3 easy codes that every blogger should know
Learn right now how to fix the most common mistakes that can leave your site unconfigured

When entering the world of the blogosphere it becomes extremely important to know the essential and the basic of the codification so that your website stays online in perfect conditions.

An example, which needs to be corrected quickly, are the character errors in words that have graphical accentuation (which are the use of symbols written in certain letters).

Websites that have Portuguese as their default language are more prone to this error. This language has many words with graphical accentuations and when this type of error happens it needs to be corrected quickly so that there is no loss of visitors.

Today I will teach you how to fix this error and other common mistakes but which are extremely important to be fixed quickly. Are you ready?

1) Fix errors words with graphical accentuations

As mentioned in the example above, this type of error needs to be corrected quickl. If you are javing erros like this “Canção” in your website nas linguagens em HTML, PHP or JavaScript, the best way to fiz this is:

Show the browser what is the encoding the file (of your website) uses, so you just need insert the tag “<meta charset=”utf-8″>” between tags <head>.  As the example below shows:

Curiosity: UTF-8 recognizes many characters and in 2014 was carried out a research verified that almost 85% of the pages on the Internet used this encode.

2) Forgetting to close a Tag

This is a fairly common error and easy to resolve. This type of error can happen when we add a new element to the website, like an Adsense code. If we forget to close a tag like the <div> it can ruin other elements.

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Hey! I’m a TAG 🙂

The correct thing is that all tags are closed. In this example, the header tag remained open.

Tip: Once you open a specific tag, close it immediately, so you do not risk forgetting to close the tag.

3) Error to reference external CSS file

When you change the folder name of files and you can forget to rename them in the tag that references the external CSS.  To fix this, just rename the folder in tag correctly, as in the following example:

<link href="../folder/cssfolder/style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> 

These are very simple and easy problems to solve but are extremely important for any website. Now knowing how to fix it you can feel more secure and you can consult War Four One Seven whenever you need it.

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