WAR417 have a new look!

I’m pleased to launch my revamped website, designed with a fresh new look, user-friendly navigation, and new features such as blogs and a beautiful session for the fully organized portfolio.

At the beginning of the project the briefing was clear: to create an intuitive, informative and user-friendly website. I refined references and developed new solutions to meet the goal. In a modern and clean interface, I provide information about who I am, what I do and what I produce. My portfolio is the main area of the site and where I put many ideas into practice.

A differential of this new phase is the blog. From it, I make available whatever content I deem interesting to my customers and partners, from design trends to explanations and tips to websites. In general, it will be a space, fed by myself, with its differences and peculiarities.

With the new site, I want to show the value of my work not only for the jobs, but for the partnership that I can achieve with each of my clients, some with me from the beginning, others more recent and as important as. Welcome to the new WAR417! Whenever you can, come visit the site and check the news on the blog!